Two Auction Teasers

M.I.C.S and Tangerine20


Wow Wow Wow


Thank-you very much to all Mudge Islanders, Family and Friends who came out in strong support of our annual Fire Fest. 


You guys rock!!


Thank-You to all the tireless volunteers who tended the various areas and made this event possible. 


Huge thanks To Brenda Peacock for inviting us onto her property and  for her awesome pirate ship photo booth. 


It’s early yet, but I am sure, judging from the community’s generosity and involvement that Mudge Island and MICS had a fantastic Fire-fest 2017. 


Thank you all again and stay tuned for the posting of results. 



Scott Flemming & MICS Board. 


     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web