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What would you do??

Our Island experienced a tragedy yesterday as a family lost their home, but it could have been much worse. 

But for the fact that our first responders and the MICS Volunteer fire crew had fought this blaze for over an hour before the Forestry Helicopters made their first water drop, we could have experienced a total catastrophic loss of our entire Island. Under the current weather conditions we were lucky that the winds were calm and that this event occurred in daylight, as the Helicopters would not have been available after dark. 

I cannot offer praise and appreciation high enough for all who came to assist in whatever way they could.  This service has proven to be vital to all of us and I strongly urge your continued financial support of MICS at the upcoming Annual Firefest.  

Please open the attached video of yesterday’s event with a view that this could happen to you.  What would you do?