Coastal Wildfire News June 5 2020

Coastal Fire Centre rescinding open fire prohibitions

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Hello All,

First off, on behalf of the Board and Members of M.I.C.S. I would like to thank Kelly and Mark Edmonds for getting the donation challenge going and keeping us all updated on the numbers as they were rolling in. Thank-you to everyone who took up the challenge and donated generously to the society. These are challenging and difficult times for many and M.I.C.S. really appreciates your continued support. With social distancing protocols in place it has made things difficult for our society on the fundraising side of things. Normally we would have had our pancake breakfast already kicking off our fundraising activities for the year. The pancake breakfast also gives us an opportunity to set up our “Mudge Gear” store increasing our income.

Unfortunately this year it is looking more and more like we will not be able to host our annual “Fire Fest” and auction. We had postponed making this announcement waiting to see how things would play out. This is very disappointing indeed, we all look forward to this event and it serves as a great community spirit and community building moment. The “Fire Fest” auction is our biggest financial booster for the whole year. Last year the event brought in over $20,000 before costs and goes a long way to keeping our organization viable. As you already know M.I.C.S. is 100% volunteer run and all monies brought in go directly to maintaining and running firefighting and emergency services equipment for everyone on Mudge Island. Funds are also used for upgrading equipment and infrastructure, continued work on our new building, insurance and inspection cost for our trucks and new equipment purchases.

During our last couple of meetings the Board has been  trying to come up with some new and innovative ways to raise funds and we have a couple ideas we are bouncing around right now. We are also open to suggestions from the community for ideas on fun and interesting ideas for fundraising and encourage community members if they feel so inclined to host their own fundraising initiatives. 

In order to be eligible for on going off island funding by way of grants etc the society needs to be running on less than a shoestring. Some grant applications require us to have less than 50% of our annual operating costs available in our bank account. I know this sounds like a challenge for us and it is. Fortunately we are able to restrict funds from being available for operating costs by ear marking them for future purchase of equipment to replace some of our aging trucks. In time all trucks will need replacing and we are doing our best to keep our current fleet operational. Some of our trucks date of manufacture goes all the way back to the late 70’s. We are working on a few grant applications as I write this and hope we continue to have success being awarded funds from off island outside sources.

We have a great stock of “Mudge Gear” available for purchase and are happy to meet with people if they would like to view the inventory. We also plan to set up a store with a full display of available gear a few weekends through the Summer. We will run the store observing and respecting social distancing protocols. 

Thank you all again for your continued support throughout the years. Together we are building something special for Mudge Island that will hopefully continue for future generations.

Scott Flemming and the Board of M.I.C.S.

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web