Mudge Island All Candidates Meeting

Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire News Issue 12

Tomorrow’s All Candidates Meeting

Good Morning Mudge Islanders,

Since we sent out the reminder of the All Candidates Meeting the other day, we have received lots of contact from Mudgekins asking what we can expect at the meeting.  I probably should have included that information in the first note.
The meeting will start Friday October 12th at 1:00 pm with introductions of our Moderator, Susanne Jakobsen and the Candidates.  From there we will have each candidate introduce themselves to you, stating who they are and why the are running for office.  Each candidate will be given 3 minutes max for this bit.
From there we have compiled a list of questions that will be asked of the Candidates.  All candidates will be provided an opportunity to answer all of the questions.  There is a limit of 2 minutes per answer per candidate. We are timing responses in order to get as many questions in as possible.  All of the questions in this piece have been derived from comments received by you.  We expect this piece to last about 60 minutes.
The issues that we have heard that are of concern to you are:
* Green Wharf and El Verano Drive, parking and access problems.
* Lack of parking at the two primary access points on Mudge, Flatfish Dr. (Steep        beach) and Davidson Bay.
* Proposal to have a water taxi use Green Wharf, ferrying people to and from            Nanaimo.
* expansion of Green Wharf
* Managing expected population growth. Water sustainability, waste water etc.
* Completing the process of amending our land use bylaw  to increase coverage for    the current 10%
*  More and better funding from the RDN for Mudge Island initiatives.
All of these issues impacting the daily lives of pretty much every Islander.
After this session the moderator will open the floor to questions from you.  For this we would like more questions than less, so expect questions to be directed to a specific candidate.  We expect this session to last about 30 minutes.  Our plan is to be there for a maximum of 2 hours.
We have a lot to talk about with those expecting to be our elected representatives.  We know that we have had a ton of meetings on Mudge this year, more we think than in the last decade combined.  Or at least it seems that way.  Let’s all get together tomorrow and show our elected officials that Mudge is a vibrant, strong and vocal voting block.
Thanks to those of you who reminded us that we should have sent this out previously.
See you all tomorrow
Susanne Jakobsen 
Doug MacDonald