Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire News Issue 7

Mudge Island Land Use Bylaws

This years FireFest/Auction

Hello Everyone,

Where to begin? Wow!! The numbers are still being crunched but I can now say with confidence that because of each and every one of you, through your donations and participation MICS raised $22,000 at this years event. (A new record)
After all expenses are settled this will be a very nice boost to our coffers. 
From what I saw I thought the event was very well attended and ran fairly smoothly. Thank-you to everyone that contributed and supported, without the overwhelming support of Mudge Island we would not be able to successfully achieve our goals. 
I also want to thank our numerous volunteers, from our kitchen and store help, the crew at the membership table, our stage and sound system crew, our auctioneer, set up and tear down people. Thank you ALL. 
Special thanks to Brenda Peacock for opening up her beautiful property and sharing her space with us so we can come together as a community. 
Congratulations Mudge Islanders once again you have proven that you are an engaged and caring community. 
On behalf of the Board of MICS I thank you all deeply. 
Scott Flemming 

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web