The Big Pour Reminder!

RDN grant

The big pour……The big thank you..

A huge thank you from the board of MICS.  It was a very successful day.  It began just after 9:30am and after the first 8 wheel barrow loads and two cement mixers going, morale was low and calculations were, to have to work until 4 am.  But then three more cement mixers came on line, and six to seven wheel barrows at a time started to flow, and just after lunch we were more than half way done.  And we got it completed in one day!  
Thank you very much everyone, from the workers, to the equipment loners and the catering crew, the support from this community is amazing.  It makes us all very proud to be part of a such an amazing community.  Including the Gabriolans that were here slogging it out with the rest of us.  Many, many thanks!!!

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