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The big pour……The big thank you..

The Big Pour Reminder!

A reminder to everyone that we will be pouring the concrete foundation for the MICS building this Saturday the 24th of November 9:30am

Some significant others have also gotten together and have all the food and snacks sorted out and scheduled (thank you for very much)!  If anyone wants to help out with this, please contact Rose Mathiesen  
If you have a wheel barrow and a shovel please bring that along. Also I have had a lot of questions and concerns about how we are going to do the pour.  The concrete mix plan has been given to us by the engineer and as I have said before we have to take test cans to ship out to a lab to test the strength of the concrete.  All of this has been organized and is ready to go.
See you Saturday at 9:30am
Thank you 
Philip Parsons, VP

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