MICS Spring Notice.

MICS will be holding a fire practice Sunday June 11th 10am to noon

Some super exciting news from MICS


A bit of a story……. Our grant writer extrodinaire got us an amazing grant to help us replace our tanker truck (Truck 3). The hunt was then on and we found a absolutely amazing truck that was in our price range yipeeeeee.  The discussions then started and somehow (I think Chad, yes Chad sweet talked the fire chief) all the stars aligned and they (Otter Point) gave us the deal of all deals….. almost free ;-)…!


So then we had all this other money that we would have to give back to the grant people so. we (the MICS board) said lets give it a try and see if they would allow us to spend the money on a second truck as that was going to be another ask down the road… and they said yes!!!!  Yipeeeee…    The hunt was on.


Jump to today….. again all the stars aligned and we are very proud to announce we have another new to us truck to replace our old and well used and loved Truck 1, picture attached.. 


Come out and see it at the pancake breakfast Sunday May 21st..


Thank you to everyone who supports MICS as it would never be possible without all the support we receive from our community. There are a few people who need special kudos in the hunt and purchase of this new truck.


Kayden Giesbrecht

Chaun McLellan

Chad Giesbrecht

Ian Henn

Richard Brooks 


Philip Parsons, Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics