LTC Meeting Notice July 12 2018

Fire Hazard Status Update

Smelling smoke

Hello All 

Today a call went out on the MICS emergency whatsapp about the smell of smoke in the air. 

I was off island at the time but MICS members did respond and a thorough search was made around all the neighbourhoods in the area. 

One legal campfire and an indoor wood stove were found to be burning and it was concluded that this was where the smell of wood smoke was coming from. 

The person who made the report was apologetic for causing a false alarm. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to call us if you have any concerns. We were happy to investigate and find nothing compared to not being called and having a fire get away on us. Please call even if you think it’s nothing. 

While out searching today it was reported back to me that conditions in the bush are extremely dry even with the recent rains. Campfires ( in accordance with the regulations) are still allowed but we ask that you exercise extreme caution and due diligence should you choose to have a campfire. 

Thank you to the citizen that reached out to us with their concerns, we are here and ready to help and no call is too small or not worth the time to assess. 


Cheers,Scott Flemmng and the Board of MICS. 

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web