Fire equipment familiarization session

Sunday Nov 8th 2015 at 10:00AM Fire practice/ pump winterization.

Sept 14,2015 — Open fires allowed, Effective at noon on Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

Hello everyone. I am sending out this update as it was sent to myself from the Forest Service. The open burning ban appears to have been lifted. Personally I will be waiting for a little more rain before I do so. And I can only encourage you to be very careful should you choose to burn. Please remember also that should you start a fire, and it grows into a problem, you can be still be charged and held responsible for the costs of fighting it. This information will not be pleasing to some of us, but please know that I only aim to keep you current with accurate information. Please read the entire attachment. Municipalities may have another opinion on this. But for areas such as Mudge Island and other islands without fire protection, we run under the authority of the BC Forest Service. Should you disagree with the information in the attachment, please contact the Forest Service. There is a contact number included for inquiries. I hope this is helpful. Chad


Attached is the full Bulletin.

pdf icon 2015FLNR0278-001503.pdf