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Islands Trust/Local First Nations Meeting on Mudge

Second year RDN has awarded a grant to MICS

MICS is happy to announce for the second year in a row RDN has awarded a grant to MICS for just over $3600.00 for the purchase and delivery of a second seacan, which will allow us to be able to store all of our equipment and mudge gear, we have also come up with a plan if implemented will create another covered area for one of the trucks.
Again a big thank you from the MICS board to John McDowell for the hard work putting the grant proposals together.   We are actively working on our application for next year and hope to be successful in that one as well.
Would also like to remind everyone to please keep voting for the tangerine community contest until July 26th. To vote for MICS please go here and vote for us.
     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web