MICS firewood work party Saturday March 10th 9 AM

Regarding the March 1st LTC meeting

By now most Islanders will have seen a posting from Gabriola Local Trust Committee member Melanie Mamoser regarding the March 1st LTC meeting.   Thank you Melanie.  In this posting, Trustee Mamoser has provided a link to the meeting agenda  and agenda package.

To assist you in finding the information specific to Mudge Island and our Lot Coverage referral, I advise the following:


That link takes you to the main Gabriola Island LTC meeting page.   Once there tap the link to Gabriola Island LTC meeting March 1st 2018; then tap Agenda Package.


That will open the March  1st LTC Meeting Agenda.  There are four documents specific to Mudge Island that will be of interest to our community.


Pages 30-38 are the Minutes from the two APC meetings we have held to date, January 19th and February 18th.  These documents provide you the opportunity to read not only what we have been discussing, but also what what recommendations we have made to the LTC.


Pages 76-85 contain two more documents.  The first is an interim staff memorandum sent to the LTC by Staff Planners, the second a draft report that the APC has sent to the Islands Trust and Trustees. With respect to the interim Staff Report you will note that our APC report is not mentioned.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get it into the Trust Office prior to the interim staff report being produced.   That is ok, as you will see when you read both, that it appears that we are pretty much on the same page., or at least getting there.  We have work to do for sure, but seem to be moving in the right direction.


Thank you to all who have sent comments to the Island Trust.  Every letter counts, every opinion matters.   Now that you will have read our minutes and recommendations, you are absolutely able to make additional comments.


Susanne Jakobsen

APC Chair