Request for volunteers

Covid Clinic May 17th

Notes from recent fire on Mudge.


Safety first:

Please when responding to a call out, make certain to have the correct foot wear leather work boots no rubber boots if you can. If you only have rubber boots please make certain to stay at the peripheral of the fire as the rubber boots can melt. Lots to do around a fire.


No Running we really want everyone to go home safe with no injuries.



Please park away from the fire and leave your keys in the vehicle. 


Please park as far away as possible so to not block access to the fire trucks the turning radius of the larger trucks is not great so please give us as much room as possible.


Please also park all vehicles pointed in the direction of the exit, for a fast get away in case we loose control and the fire takes control.


As part of spring cleaning please remove any old propane tanks they can be recycled. It’s a worry when we see one in a fire and does mean we have to take more care so it can delay response.



MICS is able to run by the generous donations by our community thank you everyone.



Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web