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New trucks for MICS.

Hello Everyone

                           We have been waiting for confirmation on a few things before we could share with the community the great news about 2 new to MICS trucks coming to Mudge Island. We have been talking about replacing two of our trucks for awhile. Truck #2 (yellow firetruck) and Truck #3 (water tanker)


The first truck we had lined up is coming from the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Dept. Over the years former Chief Rick Jackson and current Chief Will Sprogis and the  GVFD has been very supportive of MICS and have helped us with equipment in the past.


The Gabriola truck is a single axle GM 6V71 diesel with an Allison automatic transmission and air brakes. It has a 1000 gallon polly tank and a Hale 1050 pump and comes with some additional gear. It has passed it’s recent inspection and we have made some minor repairs before preparing to bring it to the island.




The second truck we are replacing is the tanker. It has been on our list for awhile now and became a top priority when we were told by the inspector in no uncertain terms that it would not pass inspection next year. We had a grant application prepared and submitted asking for funds to replace some of our aging fleet. We were awarded up to $30,000.oo in matching funds from the Provincial Gaming Grant Authority.

Both Chad Giesbrecht and Phil Parsons began the task of looking for a replacement tanker. Extensive searching and countless phone calls, reaching out to various Fire Chiefs and some travel lead Chad to the Otter Point Fire Department

.We would like to thank Chief Colin Gaw of the Cowichan Bay Dept, and Chief John McCrea of the Otter Point Dept for helping us with this acquisition. The Otter Point truck was due to go to auction but Chief McCrea plead our case to the CRD and it was allowed to be sold to us at a deeply discounted rate. 


The Otter Point truck is a tandem axle International with 17,000 km. It is powered by an International 466 diesel  and has a standard transmission with high, low and deep reduction. This truck was purchased new by Otter Point and is in immaculate condition and will last for many many years. In searching for trucks we found ones similar to this but not in as good of shape ranging in the $30,000.oo price range. We will be getting this truck for $10,000.oo and should be available to us by the end of July.


We will be checking with the grant people to see if we can use some of the left over funds for making upgrades and outfitting these trucks with more equipment.


I would like to thank everybody who worked on these acquisitions and in particular extra thanks to Chad who put a ton of time and energy into both of these projects.


On behalf of the Board and Members of MICS, we wish you all a safe and happy Summer.


Scott Flemming, President of MICS.

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web