Mini Mudge Market

Fire Hazard Status Update/Full Shutdown

Mudge Raffle Thanks

M.I.C.S. Would like to thank Rose Mathiesen and all the M&M’s, Ginny Kerr, Jana Erickson, Kelly Edmonds, Linda Carroll, Cindy Verhuel and Astrid Kordt for all their hard work organizing, running and hosting the Mudge Island Raffle. What an amazing and successful event! 


Thanks as well to the Community of Mudge Island for getting behind this event and coming out in their usual style of full support and generosity.


All funds raised by this event goes directly to M.I.C.S. to help with the acquisition, maintenance and running of the communities fire fighting and emergency services equipment and property.


Raffle ticket sales alone were $16,575


Thank you also to Sandy Alexander, Pat Camp and Dave Denson for running the MICS merchandise store during the day of the raffle drawing. There was a great turnout at the draw and $3000 (gross) in MICS merch was sold.


Membership enrolment is up with 47 new members joining MICS through the event.


Total amount brought in through donations, ticket sales and merch sales topped out at over $23,000




Thank you all so much, your hard work and dedication is second to none and deeply appreciated by the community and M.I.C.S.


Scott Flemming and the Board of M.I.C.S


     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web