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Mudge Island Land Use Bylaws

To all Mudge Islanders,

Below is a link that will take you to the latest Staff Report posted by the Islands Trust Planning Staff in advance of the Gabriola Local Trust Committee Meeting scheduled for Thursday August 16th.
Like the rest of you who were in attendance at the Special LTC meeting held on Mudge in July, I felt that we had crossed a large hurdle and were on our way to finally bringing our LUB to a position that more accurately reflected our very real rural life style.
Turns out I was way off base in my assumption.  The staff report is essentially 26 pages about how to complicate and drag out a very simply process.   Remember, all we are seeking is a reasonable increase to our 10% maximum lot coverage.   What was proposed by the Trustees at our July meeting is the same or less than every other Islands Trust Area.   Why then the nonsense?
To me, the aggressive unfairness is represented best at the end of page 12 where the report reads.  That Draft Bylaws No’s. 301 and 302 be referred to the Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission, that the meeting be held indoors in an accessible public facility equipped with washrooms and power, and that a member of staff, one trustee and a minute taker attend the meeting.”

If the Trustees agree to this recommendation, which I can’t imagine that they would, all of our Mudge Island business would need to be conducted off Island.   We know from past experience that having Mudge Island business conducted off Island, generally during the week, restricts participation by our community.   Not only is this wrong, but to add insult to injury, we would be required to be supervised by Trust Staff during our meetings.   
My personal opinion is that it is now past time for our Trustees to advise Planning Staff that enough is enough.   That they reject out of hand draft OCP Bylaw 301 as being unnecessary and move draft LUB bylaw 302 to first reading.
Hopefully we can see a few of our community at this meeting
Thursday August 16, 2018
10:15 am
Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre, 476 South Road, Gabriola Island

Doug MacDonald