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The Big Pour Reminder!

Mudge Island Land Use Bylaw

Good afternoon Mudge Islanders,

Attached you will see a notice to waive public hearing.   This is great news for us.  You will recall that at a community information meeting held on Mudge early in September we were disappointed when advised that there was very little chance of proposed bylaw 299 being read a third time prior to the expiration of the elected term of our Trustees Melanie Mamoser and Heather O’Sullivan.   Turns out there is time.  Waiving the need for another pubic hearing, (not like we haven’t had enough already), allows us the opportunity to have proposed Bylaw 299 read a third time in this elected term of office.

As you can see there is a Special LTC meeting scheduled for November 2nd for the purpose of considering proposed Bylaw 299.   This is really good news for us.  We have been working on this change for a long time now.  We are very close to completing the first step in our goal to have reasonable lot coverage in our LUB.

Doug MacDonald