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Mudge Land Use Bylaws

Mudge Island Land Use Bylaw Meeting

Good morning and Happy Friday to all Mudge Islanders

First a huge thank you to the 40 people who took the time to attend the public meeting yesterday.  While each of us will have our thoughts about the process, I say candidly that I am very happy with how things transpired.  Our community took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions, and voice concerns about the hows and whys of our restrictive maximum lot coverage.

While a general statement, I think most in attendance were somewhat pleased with some of the changes suggested to the definition of Structure.  However, I think it safe to say that nobody was happy with the recommendation from the Islands Planners to have Mudge stay at its current maximum lot coverage of 10%.

Our Local Trustees after listening to our concerns, spent considerable time formulating a resolution (motion) to try and find a balance between our need to increase the lot coverage to a reasonable limit, as well as trying to protect our rural character.  While I wasn’t quick enough to record the exact wording of the motion, essentially it was moved, seconded and carried that we have a tiered lot coverage process.  20% for lots less than .40 hectare (one acre) 15% for lots .40 to 1 hectare, and 10% for lots larger than 1 hectare.  The Planners were to provide direction to the Trustees if or how, this change could impact our Official Community Plan (OCP).  As stated before, my opinion is that these small changes do not change the core values we articulated in the OCP in 2008.

All in all, I think we are still moving in the correct direction.

As there was significant discussion about our OCP at this meeting, I was asked if we could send an electronic copy to you all.  You will find it attached below.  You will find a specific piece about lot coverage in Part 4.1, Policy 3.   Our OCP speaks to lot coverage being limited, which I am certain we all agree with.  What the OCP doesn’t say is what percent is considered reasonable.  Clearly 10% isn’t.

In closing, it is really gratifying to see our community working together on this issue.  This sense of community is one of our core OCP values, one that we should all be proud of.

Doug MacDonald