MICS building update and request for work party.

Big thank you to those who braved a bit of rain

Mudge Island all Candidates Meeting

To all Mudge Islanders,
As we advised a week or so ago, we have arranged for an “all candidates” meeting on Mudge Island. This meeting will be held on
Date: Friday, October 12, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm
Location: This has yet to be finalized, though the plan is if we expect to have a nice day we will hold it outside, and if a nasty day we will hold it indoors. Thanks to newcomers Glenn and Cindy Verheul who have offered up their barn if needed.
There are 4 candidates running for the 2 Islands Trust, Trustee positions, and 2 candidates running for 1 position of Nanaimo Regional Director. The election is on October 20th and if you are thinking about applying for a mail in ballot, we are electoral area B.
The format of the meeting will follow past meetings, where we have: Introductions; Statement regarding format and expectations from our moderator; Opening statements from the candidates, about who they are and why they are running for office; A session where all candidates will be asked questions prepared by the moderator; A session where the audience can ask individual candidates questions; Closing statements from the Candidates Closing statement from the moderator and adjourn.
What we would like from you, is that you send us thoughts about what issues are important to you, what would you expect of our Local Trustees and Regional Director. We will formulate the questions to be posed by the moderator from the responses we receive from you.
It is pretty easy to predict some comment about our Land Use Bylaw issue directed towards the candidates for Trustee, as well as access and parking issues presented to the Regional Director Candidates. We know from listening to you that there are others we can explore.
We are planning to keep this meeting to 2 hours, so ask that you send us one or two issues of concern, not a laundry list of past grievances. Our goal is to focus on what we can do in the future, not belabour past issues.
We are excited to be able to host this meeting, particularly given the unanimous response from all candidates willing to attend. We can expect a lively and informative meeting that will give all of us the opportunity to decide who we would wish to represent us in the next 4 years.
As always, if any of you have questions that I may be able to answer, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Respectfully Doug MacDonald