Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission NOTICE OF MEETING


Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission

Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission

Bulletin # 2

February 15, 2018

Greetings to our Mudge Island Community.  

Unlike previous postings, this one really will be brief.  Initially we would like to remind people that there is an APC meeting scheduled for this Sunday, February 18th.  The meeting will commence at 1:00 pm and will be held at the MICS property at 595 View Ridge Dr.   Many thanks to the MICS Board of Directors for allowing us the use of this property.   The weather report for Sunday shows clear and cold.  If so, we will hold the meeting outside.  If it looks like rain, we will move inside one of the large covered shelters.  We recommend that you dress warm and bring chairs.

The main focus of this meeting will be for the APC to finalize and adopt the recommendations we will be submitting to the Gabriola Local Trust Committee (LTC).  The comments we have received from you have assisted us tremendously in this process.

There will be an opportunity for members of our community to speak at this meeting.  Saying that, we need to remind you that the APC has been mandated to conduct a “targeted review” of the maximum lot coverage issue.  It is reasonable to expect that we will have opportunities to look into other issues at some future point in time.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send in comments so far.  These have all added individual pieces to what we hope will be a successful completion of our lot coverage puzzle.  The two things that all comments we received have in common, is the need to increase our maximum lot coverage from 10% to the same as that on Gabriola Island, 20%, as well as cleaning up our current definition of what is a Structure.  We have heard you very clearly.  Again thanks.

One other piece that has been mentioned that we need to talk about is the role that Islands Trusts Staff and our Local Trustees have played on this Referral.  The APC wants to be very clear in this regard, that all of our dealings with Staff and Trustees has been very positive.  They have responded to every question or concern we have had, (and there have been many) quickly and 100% professionally.  The lot coverage issue we are dealing with began back in the days when our Island was being developed. As we have said earlier, it really doesn’t matter how we got here, this is where we are today, with a problem that needs to be fixed.

It can be argued that a lot of the problems we face with our Land Use Bylaw (LUB) result from lack of a Mudge Island Community voice.  Most of us come to this Island trying to “get away” from the noise and politics of everywhere else.  The last thing we want is to face more here.  Unfortunately, this focus on peace and quiet have allowed others to make decisions on our behalf.  We are seeing the result of those decisions in this lot coverage process.  Your APC is working to try and correct these decades old decisions.  We again thank all of you who have submitted comments, and encourage those who haven’t done so yet, to take a few minutes and add your voice to those of your neighbours.  Comments can be sent to:

Heather O’Sullivan –; Melanie Mamoser –; Teresa Rittemann- and


See you on Sunday.

Your Mudge Island APC.  SusanneLinda, John, Dale and Doug.