Fire Hazard Status Update

Mudge Raffle Thanks

Mini Mudge Market

Hello vendors! Here is a copy of the poster that will be put up around Mudge within the next few days. Feel free to print or post on your social media sites.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me! Reminder Set up Sunday July 11 anytime after 8:30 for a 10 start. I will be able to give everyone at least a 8-10 foot frontage and 10-12 foot deep area. Some may not need that much…others may. In some cases a vehicle can be parked behind, to save on parking for our customers! Bring your own tables, chairs, tents. I will be asking for your donation of at least $10.00 or 10% of sales (whichever you can) to go towards our M.I.C.S. …and rain or shine! Sounds like Mudgekins are really looking forward to this. Cheers Jana