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MICS Update

Hello All,


Everyone at MICS hopes this e-mail finds you and your family heathy and happy as we navigate our way through these trying times. Unfortunately MICS is having to cancel our annual Pancake Breakfast that we normally host on the May long weekend. This has been an important event over the years as it’s an opportunity to renew memberships, and raise some funds to help us continue with the work that we are doing for the whole community of Mudge Island. We understand tough and financially trying times are ahead and expect our revenues to be way down over the next little while. Please check out the Mudge web page to see if there is a way you can continue to support MICS by renewing your membership or making a donation.


MICS response to needs of assistance during the pandemic. Please know that we are still here to assist you in anyway we can during a medical emergency. We have been in contact with both the BC Ambulance Service and I have spoken one of the crews of the Nanaimo Port Authority. Members of our community have also reached out to the Ambulance Service to request some PPE for our community members that are willing and able to respond to a medical emergency for someone that may be in isolation or under quarantine. Please remember that we are your neighbour and friends and we will help you any way that we can, while remembering that we are not trained healthcare professionals or professional first responders. It is our hope that we will all get through this as a community and that we will return to some normalcy sooner than later.


MICS will continue to up date you as new information or changes are presented to us. 


MICS Vice President Phil Parsons has joined a comittee called GERRC, Gabriola Emergency Response and Recovery Committee. There are five different working groups within the committee all working on different aspects.


The working groups are as follows


a. Acute



d.Social Safety Net



As this committee and it’s working groups come up with solutions and protocols MICS will be included in the information sharing and we will do our part to keep the community of Mudge Island updated.


Thank you all for your continued support. Stay safe and check in by phone, email or text with your neighbours and vulnerable members of your communities.



Scott Flemming and the Board of MICS 


     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web