Donations for Venessa and family

MICS Auction update.

MICS receives another generous donation.

A generous donation of equipment and time has been received from the LaBelle family, to add to our comunications solution for MICS. All three of our trucks now have a radio installed which will communicate to all of our handheld radios.   

Our comunications for MICS will always be on channel 1 and all radios are always set to that channel so all that’s needed is to turn the power on, in case of the trucks the power will come on as soon as the vehicle is started. 
At this time I would like to remind everyone that if you are picking up a truck to roll to a situation to please announce over the radio.  “All stations all stations truck 1 (red) truck 2 (yellow) or truck 3 (tanker) rolling to incident “ this will allow anyone with a radio to know the truck is coming.  There is also no reason to not announce it more than once as long as the line is clear.  The radios in the trucks will also allow clear line of comms by sending eta of water shuttles etc etc. 
Thank you to all of Mudge for all of the donations over the years as we continue to maintain and improve our equipment.  

 image1.jpeg Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web