Mudge Land Use Bylaw Bulletin

Cisterns for sale

MICS Property work update.

Hi everybody we want to update you that there is some new large equipment working at the property, as the rock is harder than anticipated and we have had to bring over a drill that starting tomorrow, will be drilling and probably blasting. So please keep this in mind and if you hear horn blasts to please make certain to stay away from the property.  

We have moved the trucks and they are parked down the road so they are available if needed during this time. 
If you need any equipment from the MICS Property please contact Scott Flemming at (250)741-4339 or Philip Parsons at 1(250)818-2879 or Chad Giesbrecht at (250)713-9707

Thank-you for your understanding.
Philip Parsons and the Board of MICS

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web