Wildfire season is here: Be ready

Firewood work party

MICS property update.

Hello Everyone,

The board of directors at MICS are trying to keep the island as updated as possible with the comings and goings of the society and any recent developments at the MICS property. 


Phase one of the lot clearing is complete, we have a couple of different building sites in mind for the property and will be looking at both options closer. 


Next on our to do list is to install power at the shipping container, B.C. Hydro has placed the necessary transformer on the hydro pole adjacent to the property and the fees for final hook up has already been paid. Tom Frenette has been very helpful with the design work and material sourcing for the installation and will be pulling the permits and doing the wiring. We hope to have hydro on site in the next week or two. 


We have firewood on the property that we will be processing and selling by the cord, the money from the sale of firewood will help to offset some of our development costs. Price of cords has not been established yet and we are not reserving cords for anybody at this time. Just keep in mind it will be coming up if you are interest in firewood and I will post more info as it becomes available. 


We will be having a work party on the property sometime in the near future, (date and time still to be decided)  the work party will be for processing firewood and we would welcome any volunteer labour that is offered. We will be bucking, splitting and stacking the firewood into cords. Please let us know if you are available to help. I will send out another e-mail and Facebook post when the work party date and time is decided. 


Thank you for your continued support and keep an eye out for more updates. 


Scott Flemming and the board of a MICS



     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics