Heading into Fire Season.

MICS will be hosting a fire practice Sunday June 9th 10am.


It has been a while since we have sent out any updates but that does not mean we have not been doing anything ;-).  We continue to work on grants and have been successful again (thank you to everyone involved) and have been able to add to our ever expanding equipment in the Hall and on our trucks.. Attached you will see some pictures of some of our new purchases, we where able to increase our portable pump numbers by adding 4 new 2 inch Honda high pressure portable pumps plus we where able to get 3 Scotty soft backpack hand water pumps these hold 19 litres each and make it easy for us to transport water to any spot fires. We also have an order info for more hose to be put into each truck 1000 feet.  I have put the 2 of the backpack hand pumps into truck 1 and 1 of them into truck 2.


Thank you to everyone that supports MICS.


Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics