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MICS Incident report.

Thursday April 30 2020

Today,  M.I.C.S. equipment and members of the community responded to a report of a structure fire on Driftwood Dr. 

The initial report came from a neighbour using the M.I.C.S Emergency call out group on WhatsApp.  The call came in at 4:07 pm and many people answered back that they were responding. Chad was the first to depart the hall with truck #1and was on scene by 4:12 with water being pumped on the fire by 4:14. In my opinion that is a remarkable response time for an initial attack. I met with Alex and Philip at the hall and readied more equipment to be brought to the fire. I brought down both portable water tanks, Alex brought the tanker truck and Philip topped up truck #2 before arriving on site.

Once all the water on truck #1 had been used it was decided to set up a portable pump from a cistern on the property where the fire was. We had mechanical issues with the portable pump we selected and had to switch it out with a pump provided by the property owner. Soon after the portable pump was set up and operational the tanker arrived and shortly after that truck #2 arrived and truck #1 returned after leaving to get more water. The portable water reservoir was set up beside the tanker and filled with water. Truck #2 was positioned and the booster hose was put into service. Another portable pump was set up by the reservoir and now three attack lines were working. The structures involved in the fire were a pump shed and a firewood shed with other exposed structures very near by. The fire was contained to these two buildings with minor damage, a broken window, occurring to a neighbouring garage. 
Once the flames were knocked down a group of responders using shovels and Pulaski axes pulled apart the firewood piles and opened up walls of the pump shed so that hot spots could be found and extinguished. The firewood shed was near collapse and it was decided to do a controlled collapse on it rather than letting it fall on it’s own. Mop up and hot spot detection went on for awhile once the fire was out.
Once we we confident that no more flare ups would occur we made the call to pack up equipment and take it away for cleaning before putting it back on the trucks. A length of hose and a nozzle was left with the property owner to use with his pump and cistern for continued mop up if necessary.
Unused water in the portable tank was pumped back into truck #2 and the tanker(truck #3) We departed the site around 5:30 pm. Truck #2 went back to the hall, truck #3 went to the cisterns for a final top up and truck #1 was brought to the Bell’s Farm to be used for hose wash down. All hand tools, portable tanks and hoses were cleaned and put away. The one faulty pump was taken to Alex’s work shop for repair.


Structure fire Driftwood Dr.
M.I.C.S. equipment used. 3 trucks, 2 portable pumps, one portable water reservoir, numerous hand tools and radios. Hose washer.

Volunteers responding 25-30 with about 15 actively assisting in the hands on fire fight.

Personal observations:

I think that a solid effort was put forward and that the response was good. We still need to work on fire ground and human resource management. Great turn out of volunteers, more than were needed but that is always better than not enough. Things to remember when responding; wear suitable clothing, long sleeves and pants made of fire resistant materials. Rain gear is not recommended as it is flammable and can melt onto your skin. Work gloves, hard hat and sturdy non flammable foot wear.
Please park your vehicles leaving keys in the ignition away from the staging area as we will have large equipment coming and going and they need lots of room for this activity. Had this fire been larger or not easily contained we would have needed everyone who attended to work. This doesn’t mean everyone is going to be working at once as people will need to be spelled out for a rest or water etc. Not all human resources will be used for actual fire fighting either. We need people doing traffic control and people organizing volunteers as they arrive in a separate staging area.
Even though we had mechanical issues with one of our portable pumps all of the other equipment deployed performed well in it’s intended purpose.
Weather was on our side as it was a pretty rainy day with not a lot of wind. Had conditions been dryer with some wind we may have had a much larger incident with possible spot fires popping up on neighbouring properties.

As we move into fire season please be extra careful in your activities around the island and on your property.

Thank you to all the volunteers who answered the call and came to help. 

Scott Flemming and the Board of M.I.C.S

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics