MICS Spring Notice.

MICS Fundraiser

MICS Fundraiser

Hello Mudge Community

Once again, Covid is preventing us from gathering as a community and so it’s time to RAISE some funds for Mudge Island Citizen Society (MICS)!!!!! 

Our Society’s purpose is to provide support for fire prevention, fire fighting equipment and emergency services on Mudge Island.

This is how YOU, our community can all participate to


Please start by visiting the https://www.mudge.ca:85/ website and familiarize yourself with our community society. 

We are busy in the background getting ready to launch a really fun “ONLINE” fundraiser for MICS!  

What we need from you now are items that we can use in our fundraiser!!

We are looking for people to offer their

1)    Services – machine time, labor time, food preparation

2)    Artwork – this could be a framed photo, painting, pottery, glass work, jewelry or anything creative!!

3)   Other items – woodworking such as benches or lawn chairs, barbeques, tools or equipment – these items could be handcrafted, new or very gently used

4)   Baked goods – pies, cookies and bread!

Here are some examples of what we are asking you to help us with by donating items or services: 

One hour mechanical work donated by _______ Value $120

A gourmet meal for two prepared by _______ Value $45  

A handcrafted Adirondack chair made by ______ Value $250

A 1500 watt portable generator donated by ______ Value $675

5 homemade pies baked by ______ Value $25 each

Please email mathiesenrose@gmail.com with your donated item/s or services you are offering. 

We kindly ask that your item/s are either new or gently used!!

Provide a photo and description of your item or service.  And please place a value on your item!

Deadline for these items is 12pm on Sunday June 6th!!!!!!!

Let’s really pull together as a community and raise some funds to help us ALL protect our beautiful island.  Fire season is almost here. Now is the time to get this much needed fundraising happening! 

Go Mudge!!