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Hello All,


I received an email from our Treasurer today with some exciting news I want to share with the community. Earlier this year I shared the unfortunate news about our Capital Project Grant with the Community Gaming Grants Branch not being awarded.


Well, after a review of funding by the Community Gaming Grants Branch we have been notified that our organization has now been awarded a grant for $30,118.00

MICS is to match this amount and all funds are to be spent on a building to house all of our firefighting and emergency services equipment.


As you can imagine we are very happy with this news as many of us have worked long and hard putting these applications together. The Board would like to thank the Community of Mudge Island for your unwavering and generous support over the years. Your support is what helps us to not give up, to keep trying and to push harder for funding from outside sources.


Keep an eye out for updates as we keep the Community informed on key dates for the building timeline. We will be having construction work parties at the MICS property too and would love to see you onsite helping with the construction of Mudge Island’s firefighting equipment and emergency services building.


Thanks again to all who have helped us as we’ve worked towards this goal over the years.


Scott Flemming and the Board of MICS.



     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web