MICS Auction Starts August 15th….

Auction Bid update as of this morning.

MICS Auction update ..

*** Please don’t hesitate to share this messaging with those you feel will be Interested.  


Unfortunately our contact list may not be as fullsome as Harvey’s list, which is currently out of commission, but we needed to get this messaging out there to as many as possible.  If you are on this list and wish to be removed, please advise and I will remove you right away.  There will be omissions, so if your know your friends or neighbours didn’t receive this message please have them contact MICS@mudge.ca so they can be updated and participate.  Our addressee list for this messaging is the MICS members list, which you have agreed to receive MICS communications.  Your email addresses remain confidential. 


Hi All


This years Auction has now started and is in full swing.  Please visit the MICS Hall at the top of Lovers Loop and view all of the items available to bid on. Instructions on how to bid are onsite.  You can also check out mudge.ca/auction2020 to see a full list of items that will be updated daily with the highest bid per item.


The Mudge Store will also be run on the weekends, and we ask that you please update your annual MICS membership for this year in order to support MICS to acquire funding.



Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics