Fire Hazard Status Update/Full Shutdown

MICS Auction Starts August 15th….

MICS Auction info

The MICS auction donations have been great this year as always, the time for donations is now closed as we need to prepare all of the lists and get ready for the auction.  A big thank you to everyone that donated.  We have 28 items that will be up for bidding as we try to do a Covid friendly auction ;-)..


All auction items will be represented by a picture on display at the new MICS hall at the top of lovers loop.  There will be a ballet box and ballets available to fill out for any items you are wanting to bid on, each day we will be updating the highest bid on each item daily so you will need to check back to the site and watch for emails about the updates.  Please try and bring your own pen and make certain to fill in all the forms 100% so that we can make it a successful event…  more info to follow.


The Auction will run Aug 15th to 23rd 2020.




  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web