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PP’s Mudge Machine

PP’s Mudge Machine

A new option for Mudge Island is ready to do those jobs that require more than a shovel.  A small loader/backhoe service is now available.

PP’s Mudge Machine: For those big jobs that need a strong but gentle touch……..PP’s Mudge Machine can fit through a garden gate and is easy on your grass and landscaping…..big enough to handle rocks, boulders, and several cubic yards of soil and spoil.  Stone, gravel, sand, silt and clay……for property cleaning, maintenance and site preparation.

•Digging •Trenching •Backfilling •Handling material •Loading •Lifting •Leveling •Grading •Placing large rocks •Hauling •Stump removal •Septic fields •Drainage •Prep for Foundations •Outhouses •Fence posts holes

No more back breaking labour and toil……now there’s PP’s Mudge Machine ….when the job needs a machine and the machine needs a gentle touch!

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