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For sale 450 Coho Drive, Mudge Island — SOLD—


“The Bolt Hole”

450 Coho Drive, Mudge Island




In Old English, it was known that rabbits always made sure that they were never far from one of their tunnels, usually concealed from predators, that they could dash into when threatened. The practice of having an escape route they could use was know as a “Bolt Hole”.

These days we always seem to be under attack from pressures created by job, finances, relationships, family situations and uncertainty about the future.

You can have your own personal “Bolt Hole” where you can get away from the constant barrage of modern life.

You can either invite your friends over to look at your bank balance and investment portfolio or you can invite them to your cottage for a weekend. Which would you get more enjoyment from?

Not only can you and your family enjoy and benefit from this investment today and into the future but as an investment, it is a certainty that waterfront properties in the Southern Gulf Islands will continue to improve in the future.

450 Coho cottage east side 450 Coho foreshore, jetty, dock 450 Coho shop foundation 450 Coho view from dock 450 Coho view from waterside

Contact information is:

Bruce Heathcote

H: 250-591-5812

C: 250-756-8775