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Sold — Kubota RTV 1100 for sale —

We are offering our Kubota RTV 1100 for sale.  Anybody being on Mudge over the last number of years will have seen us travelling the length and breadth of Mudge in our orange pumpkin.  This machine has approximately 1400 hours of service and is diesel powered.

It is 4 wheel drive, with a variable hydrostatic transmission.  It isn’t fast, but has power to get you anywhere, anytime.  As you can see from the picture, the cargo area is actually a hydraulic lift which profoundly eases the unloading process.  Whether sand, wood, gravel or the odd drunk, all you need do to empty the box is flick one lever.

This model is the heavy duty version.  We are asking $13,000.00.  If you are interested, please contact me at this address, or by phone at 250.213.9631.

With best regards, I am

Doug MacDonald

Mudge Island BC