Fire trucks as of Nov 26th 2015

MICS has a transformer installed

Happy New Year from MICS!

We would like to remind you that MICS has purchased property. It is located at 595 View Ridge Road, near the top of Lovers Loop.

Our initial application for lottery funds was unsuccessful. This was a learning experience, and we will apply again this year with new knowledge.

Even without additional funds it is our intention to start development on the property by creating access and clearing a space to allow us to move our equipment and vehicles off the road. Also, we will move our storage container onto the property and increase its use by installing Hydro.

We would like to thank the entire community for your support through the years. It is because of this ongoing support that we have been able to achieve the goal of acquiring property. We count on the continuing support of the community through participation in the annual pancake breakfast, the annual Mudge auction, and purchases of our promotional gear.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements regarding property development.

Thank you so much!

The board of MICS.

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