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Gordon’s Homes – Gabriola Parking Information

Hi there,


I was just taking a look at your website and was hoping you were able to post a bulletin for us on your Recent Posts pages, as we are hoping to get some information out to Mudge Island residents, and thought your website would be the best way to do so!


We have a few wide loads with our homes coming to Gabriola throughout July, and often find that there are a lot of vehicles parked on the Gabriola El Verano boat launch access road, which results in a very difficult process for us to get through with the homes. We are in the process of displaying no parking signs, however we are hoping to do our best to inform the public on both Gabriola and Mudge Island, of the dates and times that we will be delivering so we can ensure we are not inconveniencing anyone, but also allowing us access to deliver homes to our clients.



Wide Load Deliveries will be arriving on Gabriola at the El Verano boat launch access on the following dates:


Wednesday July 10th – 12pm

Thursday July 11th – 1pm

Monday July 29th – 3:30pm


Please do not restrict access at the top of the hill. There will be no parking signs marked – please observe.


Thank you so much –




Cher Rowe | Executive Assistant


                The EC Group |


ECG: 250-758-9436 | GHS: 250-753-6223

1985 S. Wellington Rd. Nanaimo, BC V9X 1R4


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