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Firewood work party / Firewood Sales TIME CHANGE FOR SALES

Hello All

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday MICS will be hosting round 2 of our firewood work party. All volunteers are asked to come to the MICS property for 9 AM.
We still have a fair amount to split for sales to be made on Saturday.

FIREWOOD SALES will commence at 10:30 AM on a first come first served basis. Price is $100 per load. A load is a loosely loaded full size pick-up box. Second loads will be offered once everyone wanting a load has been served. We have more wood to process up top on the MICS property so if you are after more than one load or are unable to make it this time there will be other opportunities.

Originally I said sales would commence at 10 AM but I think we will need a little more time to split the remaining rounds we have so I ask that those coming to purchase wood please wait until 10:30 AM

Looking forward to seeing another good turnout for the work party. I have heard that sandwiches will be provided again too, LUCKY US.

Thanks from the Board of MICS

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics