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 M.I.C.S (Mudge Island Citizen’s Society) 

This Society’s purpose is to provide support for fire prevention, fire fighting equipment and emergency services on Mudge Island.


The address to send donations to, OR you can use the Donations links below.

Mudge Island Citizen’s Society
PO Box 53
Gabriola Island, BC
V0R 1X0

Easy way to donate to M.I.C.S. If you are wanting to donate please follow the link below to our PayPal account to be able to donate.  If you would like to setup a monthly donation please choose the amount and then use the subscribe button.

Link to pictures of our trucks on Mudge. HERE


THERE IS NO LEGAL (RECOGNIZABLE) FIRE PROTECTION ON THE ISLAND.  We are committed to approach fire protection as laid out by the forest service in meetings with them.  As a community we will attempt to keep fires from spreading and causing more damage.  Our society does our best to maintain the trucks that haul and pump the small amounts of water they contain:  but has no authority, jurisdiction, formal training, real knowledge, and perhaps most importantly NO LIABILITY INSURANCE concerning fire fighting or fire protection.  In other words those covering your personal house insurance can refuse to pay claims for the above reasons and in all likelihood sue all and any inexperienced people for trying to save a structure.

Having said that: The committee and community will do our best to keep fires at bay and contained until the British Columbia Forest Service can get here to take over.  To emphasize again, we are an unofficial
entity as far as fire fighting, or fire protection is concerned.  If you have told your insurance company that you have fire protection on Mudge,  they have been misinformed.   I think it is very important that we all as a community work together to prevent dangerous fires to our properties and look out for each other at all times and especially during those wonderful summer days.  We are especially grateful for everyone around who is vigilant and helps the un-initiated to be aware of fire safety during the summer months.

I feel it is necessary to drive it home that we are not a fire department; fire hall; volunteer fire fighters; or fire fighters of any kind.  We, along with you, are good neighbours doing what we can to keep fire damage as minimal as possible as we can on the island.  If this is sounds very repetitive I am sorry but I have talked to
folks here that feel differently about this issue.  On behalf of everyone involved in M.I.C.S. thanks for your moral and financial support.  We do appreciate you.


Our new truck purchases

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Link to pictures our trucks on Mudge. HERE