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FireSmart Hazard Ratings

FireSmart Hazard Ratings

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has compiled a Fire Hazard Mapping System for BC. These graduated levels are symbolized by colour on the RDN map.

Red = Extreme
Orange = High
Yellow = Moderate
Green = Low
Pale Green = not yet rated

If you reside in a ‘Red’ or ‘Orange’ zone, the RDN recommends you read the FireSmart Manual found here

The Above is all taken from the RDN website and what everyone on Mudge needs to know is we are in an EXTREME fire rating as per the RDN map which can be found HERE.

This map shows the areas within the RDN most at risk from fire at the wildland / urban interface.  Note that the only areas of the RDN designated with an ‘Extreme’ rating which are *not* covered by either a RDN Volunteer Fire Department or a Municipal / Improvement District Fire Department are Mudge, Link and DeCourcy Islands.”