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This Sunday the 31 st Auction reminder

Fire Hazard Status Update/ Invitation to join the Ex Forest Service Vessel Squadron annual display

Hello again. As we have been enjoying this warm weather again, we have been watching the Danger Rating progress. We are once again into early shift for high risk activities. This means a 1pm shutdown, with a two hour firewatch. The campfire ban has not yet been implemented, so should you decide to have one, please remember to not make it any larger than a half meter, never leave it unattended, be cleared down to mineral soil for one meter all the way around it, make sure you have at least 8 litres of water in a container next to the fire, and make sure it’s out completely before walking away. You should be able to place your hand in it. Also, factor in the location of the fire. Under trees, on top of roots are not a good idea. And take into consideration the wind direction. Common sense and a bit of planning can save us all from disaster or even a squabble with the next door neighbour.

On another note, I belong to the “Ex Forest Service Vessel Squadron”, and every August long weekend we display our antique vessels that once worked for our beautiful province. This year it is a little closer to home. This year we will be displaying 12-15 Forest Service vessels at the Maritime Heritage Marina in Ladysmith. If you like old wooden boats, then you might enjoy a walk past these ones. I will have my Silver Fir in the display, but promise to be back in time for the auction on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you all at this years fundraiser. It’s really looking like it will be a good one. Take care, Chad