Early Reminder…Save the date.

Fire equipment practice session.

Fire Hazard Status Update

> Well here we go. For anyone that’s been complaining about the rain, things have quickly swung around on us. We are now in early shift/1pm shutdown for “high risk” activities. So this means high risk activities need to cease as of 1pm each day, followed by a two hour fire watch. A fire watch means you are to stay on site for a period of two hours to maintain a patrol of the area you were working in. I have included a list of what is considered high risk activity. > And for those who have been asking, yes I have signed on again this season as the local Fire Warden for the Forest Service. At some point you will see me on patrol throughout the Gulf Islands. If you have questions or concerns about something, I will do my best to help you out. Also, you may notice the new signage put up by MICS regarding fire status. Updates will continue from MICS and myself. Let’s enjoy the summer and continue to keep things safe. Thank you, Chad >