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Fire Hazard Status Update

Hello everyone, looks like summer is officially here now. Just giving everyone an update that though we haven’t had any burning restrictions implemented as of yet, the Forest Service has given me an update that they expect to put into place Category 2 burning restrictions by sometime next week. This is based on the forecasted weather for our region. Category 2 restrictions would mean “backyard burning” would be restricted. This is different from a campfire. I expect campfires 🔥 to still be allowed for the time being. So to be clear, nothing has changed as of yet, but we do expect things to start changing soon, and between myself, MICS, or whomever puts out the information first, one of us will be sending out an update regarding. Should you decide to do any burning at all, please practice safety and courtesy at all times. Please take things like wind direction, ground fuel, distance from trees and buildings etc into account. As well it is a good practice to make sure you have water and tools on hand to put it out, then make sure its out completely before you move on. > As far as future updates go, I will continue to do so, unless someone else has gotten to it already.
> Thank you, and here’s hoping for another great summer. Chad