Wildfire Newsletter

Fire Hazard Status Update/Welcomed Rain

Fire Hazard status update

Just to let everyone know, as of 1pm today, we will be on early shift. That is to say, 1pmshutdown for high risk activities, followed by a two hour fire watch.

Please always take care with any activity you perform. Please aire on the side of caution. Even if it’s something that you can do, please consider "is this a good idea?" If it doesn’t feel right, perhaps it’s not. Often we are legally permitted to perform an activity, though it may not always be a good decision. As well, your neighbours may have a different opinion on what is considered safe. And it’s certainly always worth keeping your neighbours happy isn’t it? Let’s consider the legislated parameters as minimum requirements. Let’s try to be a little bit safer than we are asked so we can all enjoy our summer with less concerns.

I would expect us to be on a complete shutdown for "high risk" activities very soon. I will update you as things progress. And please report all fires to 1-800-663-5555, or *5555 from your cel phone.
Your neighbour, Chad
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