Fire Hazard Status Update/Full Shutdown. High Risk Activities – Province of British Columbia

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Fire Hazard Status Update

 As we run off the Cedar weather station, I am informing everyone that we are now going back into early shift/1pm shutdown for high risk activities. Personally I think it would be better to stay in a total shutdown scenario, however this is the status. I will not be doing any land clearing in this weather myself. I have included a couple screenshots from the BCWS site. It shows the province and the fires being fought at the moment, and one screenshot shows the Lytton fire in particular, and the fact that it is at 22,000 estimated hectares. This particular incident has put myself on high alert. I certainly hope we never face such a challenge. I would encourage everyone to attend Greg Hansens home protection demonstration. He has done a wonderful job at his own fire protection. I have been planning something very similar for years, and have recently started construction on said system. I don’t say these things to scare anyone, but I know there’s something each of us can do to attempt to protect our homes ourselves. So have a look around your own yard and think about something you can do to protect yourselves and others in the case of fire. Thanks, Chad