Community information meeting Sept 9 2018 1pm


Fire Hazard Status Update

> Hi there everyone. As we have had a recent rain, we are now into early shift. This means a 1pm shutdown for high risk activities, followed by a 2 hour fire watch. I expect if the weather continues, that we will soon go into regular shift. All that said, I was just talking to my supervisor at the Forest Service, and he tells me that there has been fires already started today, some of which have started from chainsaw use. So they really want to emphasize that everyone continue to be very careful. Especially if using things like chainsaws under the canopy of a tree and such, as we have not had much rain and the ground is still quite dry. > Reminder that we are still on a total fire ban. > With more rain in the forecast, things are looking good, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Thanks, Chad >