Mudge Island Bake Sale Sunday or the long Weekend

All open fires ban noon on Thursday, July 6 2017

Fire Hazard Reminder

Hello everyone. I receive these information bulletins from the Forest Service now and then, and often forward them to you if I think they might be useful. This is worth a read, or at least a scan through if you have a moment. One thing that really stuck out to me was the disposal of cigarette butts. Each season I get phone calls about people leaving their cigarette butts on the ground at Dodd Narrows. I’ve noticed that someone has been kind enough to leave a can there for this. Though the other day a friend of mine picked up a handful without much trouble effort on her part from the grass. If you are a smoker, please use the can provided, or take them home with you. And please give the bulletin atttached a quick read. Thanks, Chad