Fire Hazard Status Update/Welcomed Rain

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Fire equipment practice session.

Hello Everyone,

                           MICS will be holding a practice session with our equipment on Sunday June 26 starting at 10am. We will be meeting at the MICS property at the top of Lovers Loop. This session is open to EVERYONE on Mudge Island.


 We have had some time to review our responses to recent events on the island and would like to go over things and make some adjustments while things are still fresh in our minds. Even if you don’t think you are physically capable of of front line fire fighting there are many other jobs and duties that need filling and taken care of in the event of a fire on Mudge.


Take this opportunity to check your response preparedness, before leaving home to attend the practice perhaps “pretend” you are responding to a real call for help. Things to remember when responding.


Everyone wants to get on scene to help as quickly as they can but taking the time to get prepared at home before you leave will make you more effective and useful on the fire ground.

-Bring a radio/walkie talkie if you have one.

-Check your clothing. Long sleeved cotton shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes or boots is a MUST.


Hope to see many of you on Sunday June 26th.


Scott Flemming


     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web