How do I connect with other Mudgekins?

Sign up to these info channels to connect with others on Mudge and get important news:
• Mudge Email List: Get on the email and directory list mudgelist@mudge.ca
• Facebook group: Join M.U.D.G.E. (Mudge United Defending Gulf Environment)
• Facebook group: Join MUDGE Island Community Bulletin Board
• Facebook group: Join Mudge Island Buy Sell or Trade

Are there any building codes on Mudge Island

Yes to build on Mudge you should apply for a building permit with the RDN and all BC building codes apply, plus there are Island trust bylaws to include as well, You can download a copy of the island trust bylaws HERE.

What about medical help

Mudge is an isolated Island so if you have medical issues it is not a good idea to move to an isolated island, but MICS does try to help with medical issues and or problems and tries to get you off island as fast as possible to the professionals that can take care of you.

Do I need my own boat

Well that answer is yes and no 😉  If you are ok with paying someone to pick you up and take you off the island then NO, but if you want your own independence the answer will be yes.

How do I get my stuff to Mudge

Well Mudge is an isolated island everything has to be packed on and off the island by you or someone you hire.  Large whole house moves most people rent a barge and bring a truck over full of items, or it can be done by your own boat or again someone you hire.

Is there garbage service on Mudge Island

No there is no garbage service on Mudge Island, Mudge is an isolated Island everything you pack onto the island has to be packed off. You have to take garbage to the dump in Nanaimo and or organize a pick on gabriola.

Is there a fire department on Mudge for my insurance

The quick answer is NO, long answer see MICS section of this website.

What internet service does Mudge have

There are 2 cable providers at the moment Telus Fibre up to 1T, Shaw High speed and Explorernet satellite, up to 10 meg for Explorernet.

How can I submit pictures or information to share

All you have to do is send an e-mail to info at mudge.ca giving us as much information as you can and we will endeavor to place it onto the site as soon as possible.

Does MICS qualify as a fire department for insurance

NO MICS is not a fire department (Long Answer here) and even though there are a couple of fake hydrants on Mudge there is no Fire hydrants.