SOLD—– Moorage for sale on Mudge Island

Moving forward with another mile stone.

Exciting news for MICS

After much hard work on behalf of MICS, our Chief Grant Writer extraordinaire along with a few assistants, have once again secured an amazing amount of funding from the Province of British Columbia Community Gaming Grant.  We have received the amount of $27,850.00. 


This money is welcomed during this time of Covid and was requested for specific items that we are now able to move ahead with to continue improvements to our infrastructure and continue to live up to our Constitution:  To provide support for fire prevention, firefighting equipment & emergency services on Mudge Island.


This grant funding includes the following items:


Bathrooms for new building  — Legal requirement to complete our building permit

More cisterns to increase our water holding capacity

Flammable Drum Storage

Large pump for Tanker


First Aid supplies

Vehicle insurance and fuel.


Like most grants, they never meet the amounts requested or fully needed, however, these funds we will be able to accomplish a few of the items on our list.


Sincere thank you to all Mudge Island residents for your continued support.


Philip Parsons and the Board of MICS

Vice President