Reminder MICS AGM Sunday September 3rd. 1pm

Trucks are now back in service

Driver Training.

Hello All,


On behalf of MICS I would like to thank Chief Will Sprogis of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department for extending an invitation to MICS to send over some people for driver training to qualify for a class 5 airbrakes endorsement on their licenses. MICS was able to send over 6 people for training and testing and as I understand it everyone passed steps one and two with the final step being a trip to driver testing at ICBC for a knowledge test before the endorsement is added to their licenses. This endorsement will qualify each candidate to drive truck #2 (yellow/green truck)

To be eligible to drive truck #3 (the tanker) drivers will need to hold a class one or class three BCDL. Having your air endorsement is a great starting place and I encourage all participants to continue with more drive training if possible.

Thanks to Chad for reaching out to possible participants and getting a list of attendees formalized. 

Thank you to Rich Brooks, Mike Bonnyville, Dan Davidson, Marc Elson, Tim Borden and John Sund for talking advantage of this training opportunity and further developing your skill sets.


This is the 2nd time GVFD has included us in driver training opportunities, GVFD has also invited us over for several other training opportunities over the years. We are very fortunate to have their support and we appreciate the opportunities they present to us.


Funding for this training was covered by MICS with the help from community donors.


Congratulations to all attendees and thank you for volunteering your time all weekend to take part in this driver training opportunity.


Scott Flemming, President of MICS